About Me...

To say I love Photography is an understatement. Photography has been a huge part of my life since I was a young girl. My parents loved nature and wildlife, so we were always traveling to beautiful wildlife preservations throughout FL. One of our beloved spots was the Viera Wetlands where we would spend a whole day just capturing all the beautiful wildlife there. We did this for years. My mom took a lot of time showing me what beautiful shots she had captured. Looking through the lens seeing what she saw awakened my soul! I knew this was what I wanted to do too.


Tiffany LaBoy

 Sadly, January 2011, my mom passed away very suddenly and unexpected. My whole world turned upside down. Nothing made sense, nothing but photography. My dad gave me her camera and told me that she had always said if anything were to ever happen, she wanted me to have her camera. From that day forward I have cherished her camera. It has become my most prized possession. Seeing the world through my mother’s eyes, through a lens of a camera changed my view and prospective of everything! Life is short, and there are so many moments in time that just pass us by, however, I am blessed with the opportunity now to,  one, carry on my mother’s legacy, and two, to capture these special memories and moments with just one click. I have the capability now of turning that moment into a lasting memory forever! I am driven by passion and give my whole heart into everything I do. God has blessed me with this beautiful gift and opportunity to be able to give back to the world. I truly look forward to getting to know your family and capturing beautiful moments in time so you can have them forever.